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You Build wealth with Real Estate

Need help finding the perfect area to build your dream home, or want to invest into real estate for capital gain?

Do you know Westbury homes started selling at 10 million 3 years ago, today it’s 35 million,

 Meaning, our investors have earned 25 million in 36 months.

If You had fixed the same N10 million in a commercial bank, You would have earned just 15% on your total  investment in the same period..

That is N1.5 million.

But everyone who invested into the Westbury homes has made a whopping N25m sipping tea and coffee, meaning you’ve lost 23,500,000 

But guess what? 

It’s not over yet…

There is a chance for you to benefit from this passive income cash flow If you invest 35M today, by our projection in 2024, this same property will be worth N95m…

Meaning you will be making N60M in profit.

Yes, that’s right


If “Yes” is your answer, look no further, good fortunes awaits! Westbury Homes is your perfect choice.

Why do our investors choose WESTBURY HOME

Perfect Title CofO

You will be issued C of O after purchase 

100% Dry Land with Good topography

Our lands are dry land… no flooding area

Mayfair gardens

10mins drive to Mairfair gardens

5 mins drive to Lakowe Golf

Are you a golf lover, then you’re only 5 minutes from Lakowe Golf

Novare mall Shoprite

20mins drive to the largest shopping mall in west Africa

Lufasi Nature Park

15mins drive to the Lufasi Nature Park where you can have weekend relaxations.

And many more….

What is your ideal estate taste? We have it all

  • Perimeter fence with Gated environment
  • Potable water
  • Boundary Cameras
  • Interlocked road network
  • Fire fighting system
  • Playground for kids
  • 24/7 Professional Uniform security.
  • We also have Amazing flexible payment plan for you

     if you take action today

    Outright Payment (3 months)

    300 SQM


    450 SQM


    6000 SQM


    6 months installment plan

    300 SQM


    450 SQM


    6000 SQM


    Initial Deposit


    See What Our Client Are Saying Working with Us

    RPDL’s customer’s service is top notch! I haven’t been to Westbury Homes, since I got my plot but I sure know what’s going on there. That’s because they keep me abreast of all the infrastructural development on site

    Jenny Martins

    Westbury Properties showcased their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their team of knowledgeable and professional staff members guided me throughout the entire process, ensuring that I had a comprehensive understanding of the land and its potential future value

    George Parker

    My journey with Westbury Properties has not only been a smooth and hassle-free one, but it has also offered me countless opportunities for growth and prosperity within the real estate market

    Susan Dawson

    Let me ask you a million-dollar question

    Would you rather invest in Westbury Homes and earn N60m in profit over the next 4 years sipping tea and coffee or a Fixed deposit account?

     or let banks trade with your money and give you N2 million interest over the same period?

    Don’t delay, as these properties are in high demand and won’t be available for long.

    Click the button below to have a chat with one of our dedicated staff

     About Ragnarok

    Ragnarok is a Real Estate development company, with particular focus on providing serviced plots of land and houses at affordable prices. We develop virgin lands into habitable, serene smart estates with world-class infrastructure.

    We help individuals & organizations find Premium Serviced Properties, Dry Land & Houses.

    RPDL joined REDAN in April 2021

    With this certification, you can be sure that when you buy homes with us, you deal with a certified, credible and recognized property developer.

    Our Mission

    We are driven by our commitment to offer our clients premium landed properties that will appreciate and create wealth. 

    Our Vision

    To be the leading property developer in Nigeria and across its frontier, providing secure, serene, accessible and affordable properties.


    To Build Wealth with Westbury properties today…

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