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The term ‘off-plan property’ refers to a house that is available for purchase before it has been completed, that is, you can buy the property even before the developers commence its building or while it is still undergoing construction.

You’re probably wondering what you have to gain if you buy your dream home off-plan, especially when you cannot even see what you’re paying for already.

Here are a few benefits of buying an off-plan house…

1. Quality Control.

With an off-plan purchase, you have the opportunity to build along with the developer from the foundation stage to the finishing stage, which means you get to see the quality of materials used, you can even send your own hired engineer down to the site for quality control and to supervise the construction from time to time.

2. Build Along/Adjustments.

While your unit is under construction, You get to do some internal adjustments in respect to the room sizes, designs, and layouts before the completion.

3.  Flexible and convenient payment options.

This means you have the opportunity to pay as you build. This way, you can have two or three off-plan properties at the same time, without breaking the bank.

4. You’re buying at a discounted rate: the price of most off-plan properties always increases even before it is completed, which means your investment has already appreciated before completion.

5. Gives you the opportunity to do a quick flip and make a huge ROI after completion. This means that you can always sell your unit after completion and make more money to invest even in another property.

Contact us now if you would like to invest in off-plan properties such as terraces and duplexes on the island part of Lagos.

Now selling!

2 Bedroom Terrace + Maid’s Room – N60M

3 Bedroom Terrace + Maid’s Room – N65M

4 Bedroom Terrace – N68M

Title: Govt’s Consent

Location: Lekki -Epe Expressway beside Fara Park

6 – 12 months installment plan

09017000211, 09017000212, 09017000213.

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